More Than Just a Check

"PAX was established with a clear mission: to tangibly assist entrepreneurs in achieving success. The profound influence of PAX's sales program and PAX Plexus on our portfolio is a source of pride."

-PAX Founder Matt Hanson

Venture Capital

The PAX Pre-Seed Fund invests $250k-$500k in selected companies and provides professional development to help founders establish scalable, repeatable sales processes. 

Our investment includes a $30k in-kind component that covers the professional development program and perks.

We screen and invest in companies throughout the year and are flexible on valuation and vehicle. We run the founder development program twice a year, with batches of 6-10 companies. 

PAX Program

Our program is focused and practical. We work with founders to build a sales playbook, figure out pricing strategy, hire and manage a sales team, discover channel strategy, and establish effective digital marketing.

Geared towards busy founders, our virtual sessions span eight weeks, occurring three times weekly from 4:30-6:30 pm EST. We also host in-person events to help establish relationships and introduce founders to our community of investors.

PAX firmly believes in learning through action, which is why our sessions involve scriptwriting, metric calculations, and skill practice – all readily applicable to your company's operations.
“I’ve done a few sales programs at this point and the big PAX difference is how granular they go. There was never a time I was in a session where I didn’t learn something. That’s rare – a lot of time in other programs I feel like I could just get the information from a podcast or book.”

Kamel Greene, Poly Platform CEO

PAX Plexus

"PAX Plexus is a game-changer. The speed meets and dedicated meetings were far more valuable than the typical demo day. The program's personalized approach and ongoing support truly connected me with early-stage VCs and angel investors who aligned with my startup's stage and industry."

Will Butler, doFlo CEO
PAX Plexus helps founders access a direct pathway to early-stage VCs and angel investors. Through personalized one-on-one speed meets and ongoing tailored introductions post-graduation, PAX facilitates invaluable connections. We work to pair founders with investors that align with their stage and industry.

Our network of investors have witnessed the remarkable momentum startups gain from our program. Notably, every single PAX portfolio company has engaged in substantive conversations with investors from PAX Plexus, a testament to PAX's impactful investor network and matchmaking.

PAX Community

PAX is not just another entry on your cap table – we're a tight-knit community. We value the bonds we cultivate with founders throughout the program, and the relationship does not end there.

Biannually, we celebrate this spirit with Paxapalooza – an occasion for the PAX community to connect, learn, and eat together.

Most importantly, Paxapalooza hosts investors who are paired with PAX founders in a matched speed-meets event. The location of Paxapalooza is rotates around major cities in the US. Locations include DC, NYC, and SF.
“If it's important to you to be surrounded by good people, then I cannot recommend PAX more highly.” 

Dawn Verbrigghe, Jottful CEO

PAX has helped over 60 founders scale and we can do the same for you.

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PAX Partners and Perks

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