Pre-Seed & Seed Investment.
B2B Sales Training.

PAX has made over 50 investments since Fall 2020

100% of our founders would recommend PAX to another startup

Venture Capital

PAX invests $100K in each selected startup. Typical PAX companies are B2B software, pre-seed or seed stage, with early traction or strong pre-revenue indicators

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PAX Program

In addition to investment, PAX provides expert guidance on B2B sales with an 8-week virtual program. PAX founders develop the foundational skills to create a scalable sales process

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PAX Plexus

PAX cultivates an active database of early-stage VCs for co-investment in PAX companies. Paxapalooza, a live speed-meet event, is held twice a year in select US cities

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PAX has been gamechanging for 50 promising startups

"PAX was pivotal in our journey. They invested in our pre-seed round and we participated in their B2B sales program. The programming was top-notch and helped us transition from founder-led sales. Beyond that, they got us in front of top-tier investors including one that ended up leading our seed round. I can't say enough good things about the program and the team."

Sherrod Davis

EcoMap COO

“The breadth, scope, depth of the subject matter is remarkable. Very sophisticated and well-considered curriculum good for brand-new entrepreneurs but also for someone who’s a seasoned founder like me. You couldn’t come out of the program and not be significantly upskilled.”

Lee Matthews

Mosaic Instructional Planning CEO

"The one-on-one mentorship and guidance during and after the program has been tremendous -- Matt and I did a deep dive office hours session on the DrizzleX unit economics and pricing that was invaluable. I'm going to continue picking his brain as we scale up!"

Esther Altura

DrizzleX CEO

PAX is tailored to thriving startups
and experienced entrepreneurs

 Growing Revenue Before PAX

  • Harvest Thermal (Fall-22) hit $200k from $0 in less than a year before applying to PAX.
  • EcoMap grew 420% YoY before joining the Spring-22 Cohort
  • Wellthi (Fall-22) grew ARR from $20k to $240k over a single quarter before joining PAX

Previous Startup Success

  • Andrew Dolinski of Jetdocs (Spring-23) co-founded Clutch in 2016
  • Michael Agustin of Curie (Fall-22) co-founded GameSalad in 2007
  • Christian Duffus of Fonbnk (Fall-20) sold a previous startup, LEAF, to SoFi in 2019.

pAX Founder matt hanson is an experienced entrepreneur, salesman, and investor

“Matt is a key player in the story of Urgently’s growth and success. He had the vision to lead the first round of outside investment. Since then, Matt has been a board member, mentor, supporter and great friend. I’m elated to see that Matt is turning his talents and experience to launch PAX Momentum. The MidAtlantic startup community has needed this for a long time and will greatly benefit from it.”

Chris Spanos, Urgently Inc.
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