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Meet our 6 Most Recent 2024 Investments

PAX Adds to Portfolio

Over the last 6 months, PAX has made six new investments in promising pre-seed startups. Reflecting our commitment to an industry-agnostic investment approach, these ventures span across Cybersecurity, ClimateTech, RestaurantTech, HealthTech, and Supply Chain sectors. Our portfolio companies are geographically diverse as well, with four based in the Mid-Atlantic region, including New York, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Virginia, and two originating from Vancouver, Canada. Each of these startups shares common traits: disruptive technology, a stellar founding team, and a clear trajectory toward achieving Product-Market Fit.

Our recent portfolio additions just concluded an intensive sales and go-to-market professional development program. The PAX program involves close collaboration with founding teams to enhance their sales leadership skills and equip them with the tools to establish scalable and repeatable sales processes. The culmination of this program was PAXAPALOOZA, a full-day event held in San Francisco. Our newest founders had the opportunity to network with the extended PAX community and connect with local VCs.

Meet The 6 Most Recent Investments From PAX

Company Bio: ViewsML virtualizes immunohistochemistry (a widely used biopharma wet lab process) to give researchers back 100% of their IHC time, 50% of their budget, and richer data sets. 

What we love: Truly transformative technology and a team with experience to instigate industry adoption. 

Company Bio: GreenIRR is a carbon accounting platform tailored to the trucking industry. The SaaS platform enables trucking carriers to measure fleet emissions and generate regulation-compliant reports automatically. 

What we love: Great team of passionate founders and strong regulatory tailwinds. 

Company Bio: ClearCOGS uses AI and Machine Learning to provide demand forecasting and food waste-reducing capabilities to restaurants, targeting mid-market and enterprise chains with more than 50 locations.

What we Love: Strong early traction and funding, a sizable market opportunity, and industry expertise. 

Company Bio: MobyTrade is a platform for digitizing international trade paperwork and associated financial services workflows. This covers critical transport documentation like Bills of Lading and invoices that track global merchandise shipments. 

What we Love: This market is long overdue to go digital and the founding team has experience scaling a startup, and a combination of sales acumen and supply chain expertise. 

Company Bio: Phalanx is a Data Loss Prevention and document mapping solution that enhances security by automating document access through a blend of automation, identity, and encryption.

What we Love: Founding team of West Point grads and Army veterans with a strong background in military cyber risk. 

Company Bio: Tenzr gamifies rehabilitation for physical and occupational therapy patients, giving patients clarity and motivation to complete their rehab. Tenzr provides therapists with clear insights into a patient’s progress and access to Remote Therapeutic Monitoring reimbursement codes for additional revenue. 

What we Love: Strong regulatory tailwinds and the founding team has a great understanding of the market and remote care reimbursements. An early partnership with Mayo Clinic and UCSF Health is promising.