Press Release

PAX Adds 7 Startups to our Portfolio

Eric Hanson
September 14, 2023

PAX Announces New Investments

This fall marks an exciting time for the PAX community. With a record number of interested founders and some of the strongest startups we’ve had the chance to evaluate, we are thrilled to announce the companies that comprise our latest investments.

Our newest founders all made it out to DC for our program kick-off event

PAX fuels remarkable startups with pre-seed funding and sales training. Our founders develop the foundational skills to create a scalable sales process through a practical program that dives into all aspects of GTM-strategy including pricing strategy, digital marketing, and hiring and training a sales team.

We work with B2B SaaS and climatetech founders around North America, and the world. This group is scattered across North America with companies across the U.S and Canada. Both coasts are represented with two companies in New York, one in Florida, and another in California. We have one company out of the mountain west in Denver, Colorado and an international representative that operates in the UK, Czech Republic, and U.S. 

Meet the Companies:

AquaRealTime provides an early detection system for water contamination in lakes, rivers, and coasts. This software-enabled hardware solution combines an IoT sensor with an online dashboard for remote, continuous monitoring of vast water systems.

Why did PAX invest in AquaRealTime?

AquaRealTime has truly innovative technology-- their sensors are better, cheaper, and faster than anything else on the market, and we believe Chris and his team will be transformational for the water management industry.

doFlo  is a work operating system that automates and streamlines business processes. doFlo enables any of your software to work harmoniously through integration, without losing visibility, context, or control.

Why did PAX invest in doFlo?

Thomas and Will had started and sold another company together. They have a proven track record of only knowing how to work well together. The team also amassed a great deal of relevant experience and just about every aspect of what it takes to build a startup successfully.

Ekidna  offers a revolutionary solution for precise substance testing in the cannabis industry. Their technology combines a compact base station, proprietary chemistry-filled test kits, and user-friendly software, which enables rapid and accurate results in minutes and empowers growers with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Why did PAX invest in Ekidna?

Ekidna's technology comes from founder Nic Boileau's PhD work at the University of Ottawa, and is a huge improvement over current lab testing solutions. Ekidna's "razor and blade" business model offers hardware defensabilty and software margins in a burdgeoning market.

Intros  is a connections platform that uses generative AI to create meaningful relationships, allowing online communities to boost natural interactions and gives brands the ability effortlessly engage their customers.

Why did PAX invest in Intros?

Intros immediately caught our attention with their exceptional traction, growing 90% MoM (month-over-month) with an almost purely product-led growth strategy. To top it off, Intros has an exceptional team with ex-Goldman Sachs and deep AI/ML expertise on their resume.

OneDeal is a deal management platform for buying and selling small businesses. It enables buyers to source deals, conduct due diligence, connect with financers, and close the acquisition process efficiently and easily.

Why did PAX invest in OneDeal?

OneDeal's market is huge, growing, and ripe for innovation. As the US undergoes a generational shift, OneDeal's all-in-one tool for buying and selling the kind of small businesses that are the backbone of this country's economy will transform how "main street" runs.

Sparket adds an added layer to existing sportsbooks, allowing businesses to customize a wagering platform to engage a broader demographic than the traditional sports betting crowd. Sparkets pool wagering platform enables wagering within your community rather than against the house and offers new bet and event types to underserved niches.

Why did PAX invest in Sparket?

The sports gambling market is growing rapidly, and PAX believes Sparket will be instrumental in helping the growth into new demographics. Co-founders Evan and Aaron have been working together dating back to high school, where they were president and vice president of their math club.

TherapyIQ is a “Practice Management Operating System” for therapy practices (and potentially other types of medical practices). It automates clinical, financial, and business operations workflows. The wide breadth of features includes waiting list management, video appointments, and automated  insurance billing.

Why did PAX invest in TherapyIQ?

The TherapyIQ team blew PAX away. Nate and Amy have industry expertise and complementary technical and operational skills, but most of all they have the kind of grit and vision necessary to build something huge.