Press Release

Introducing our Spring-23 Invesments!

Eric Hanson
March 15, 2023

This batch of investments mark a turning point for PAX, with a record number the strongest companies we’ve had the chance to evaluate. After a very intense selection process, we are excited to introduce the eight companies that make up our latest investment.

A majority of the Spring-23 companies made it to our program kick-off event in Chicago

Twice a year, Pax Momentum invests in 8-10 early stage B2B startups for our virtual sales development program. These companies receive investment, expert sales training, and mentorship, and will leave the program in two months with the tools to run a scalable, repeatable sales process.

Pax Momentum sees the value that different perspectives and points of view contribute to success, and this cohort reflects that.  An incredible 75% of the companies in the cohort are led by underrepresented founders, including five of the eight companies having a female cofounder

The cohort is more geographically condensed than usual, with two companies from both Philadelphia and London, and two southern companies in Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL. We also have a Canadian company from Toronto and our first company from Utah.

                                                                                                                                                           Here are the companies and CEOs that make up our latest investments:

Poly Platform has developed a smart city civic engagement platform that digitizes local government, equipping cities with their very own front-facing mobile app and administrative dashboard. 

Kamel Greene is a strong communicator with passion and experience around the problems of local government. He has a BA and a Masters in Public Administration from BYU where he played football. Kamel also has experience working for the federal and local governments.

Mosaic IP is a cloud-based, lesson planning software platform that empowers, guides, and mentors any teacher to ensure equity and access to 21st century skills for every student.

After completing their MVP for Mosaic IP, founders Izzy Galante (CXO) and Nicole Galante, Ph.D (CMO) brought on Lee Matthews (CEO) to help run the business. Lee has a background in leadership roles at Wolters Kluwer and Bear Stearns. Lee also co-founded DocumentForum, a legal tech company that he led to an acquisition. Between Izzy, Nicole, and Lee, Mosaic IP has a strong team with the perfect background to help Mosaic become successful.

ATX has built a mobile application that allows consumers to watch advertisements in exchange for cash. Users give  access to their banking data, allowing advertisers to analyze spending activity and deliver ads catered to their tastes.

Guillaume Kendall built a successful 20+-year career that spans sales and BD roles for commodity exchanges, and advisory services in the fintech world. His decision to found Attention Exchange (formerly Zedosh) was driven by seeing the possibilities of connecting open banking with Adtech.

Jetdocs is a collaborative ticketing solution that allows teams to create no-code workflows that digitize the processes of firms and connect their teams.

Andrew Dolinski (CEO) is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful startups. His greatest win was co-founding Clutch, a auto sales startup and the first modern car buying solution in Canada. He graduated from Smith School of Business at Queen’s University and is a Y Combinator alumni.

Chezie provides a platform that helps companies manage and organize their employee resource groups (ERG’s), assisting them in turning these organizations into resources for productivity growth.

Toby Egbuna graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill where he walked onto the basketball team. After spending five years with Accenture, he left to found Chezie with his sister Dumebi as they grew to understand how ERGs could become revenue and impact drivers for companies.

Navengage has built a student engagement platform that helps retain college students with a personalized feed to discover events and opportunities, meet other students with shared interests, and stay connected to campus. 

Andrew Strause graduated from Penn State in 2017 and founded Beemia, a community-oriented platform that connects college students to improve their experience. After three years Andrew moved on to Navengage, founding the company alongside fellow Nitanny Lions Colleen McBride (CMO), and Dan Lordan (CTO).

Lara Health sells a turnkey solution for medical practices to aid in Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), allowing practices to unlock additional insurance reimbursement payments.

Martina Janeckova was the 3rd employee at  digital health startup Qardio and helped it grow to 60 employees. During her 7 years at Qardio, Martina launched one of the first RPM platforms on the market. As Martina saw the lack of insurance reimbursement codes in the RPM market, she then left to found Lara Health.

Gentian has created an innovative way to carry out ecological surveys using remote sensing data and satellite imagery. Municipalities and land developers use Gentian to analyze habitats, enabling them to meet regulatory requirements. 

Daniel White has been working in climatetech since 2007, when he devised a system for rappelling to insulate high-rise buildings.  In 2013, Daniel started a consultancy called The Behaviouralist, followed by a tech solution for reducing emissions called Signol in 2017.