Press Release

Angel Investor Announces New Startup Accelerator

Jack Hanson
July 27, 2022

WHAT: Pax Momentum is offering a disciplined, profit-driven approach to launching innovative technology companies from across the world. Twice a year, ten promising companies each receive a $50k investment and join our eight-week program. The company provides founders with the investment, training, and professional network needed to launch successful companies. Entrepreneurs who participate in an accelerator like Pax Momentum raise more money and excel in other key areas. 

“I could not be more grateful for the timing of Pax Momentum as it relates to the pandemic. Our mission from the beginning was important and resonated with the startup community. Now, we are something more. Entrepreneurs everywhere are concerned about their future. Many did not live through the Great Recession. Innovation and small businesses are what will lead the country, and the globe, out of this unsettling financial crisis,” said co-founder Matthew Hanson. 

Pax Momentum believes in the alignment of environmental and economic goals. That’s why three out of the ten spots in the program are reserved for CleanTech companies focusing on solar, wind, biofuel, recycling, water purification, green transportation, gray water, and more. PAX Momentum has successfully invested in 20-year-old founders and 60-year-old founders – the goal is simply to find and cultivate great talent.

WHO: The co-founder, Matthew Hanson, is a seasoned early stage investor. Hanson co-founded Segovia, a satellite communications company, acquired by Inmarsat for $110M seven years after launch. Hanson led the first round of investments in, a roadside assistance startup named 6th fastest growing company in North America by Deloitte. Hanson has ten successful exits and counting. “I enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of helping young companies expand, innovate, create jobs, and generate wealth”, said Hanson.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The cohort will attend three intensive in-person summits lasting 2-3 days. A summit includes: Classroom education from experienced investors and founders, interactive conclaves with the cohort peers and mentors, as well as product demos and presentations to the group. The program culminates in a demo-day to introduce the companies to the broader investment community. During and after the program, Pax Momentum is committed to helping entrepreneurs match with investors through focused introductions.


June 15th: Application Deadline for *Fall 2020 Cohort

June 15th-June 30th: Phone Interviews

June 30th-July 30th: Presentation and Diligence

August 1st: Announcement of Fall 2020 Cohort

September 1st-October 31st: Fall 2020 Cohort