Open Letter about New Selection Criteria

Eric Hanson
October 5, 2022

PAX has excellent news to share with our community: Starting in Spring 2023, PAX is expanding the selection criteria for our leading B2B accelerator program to include pre-revenue companies!

PAX has emerged as the leading Go-To-Market accelerator for B2B tech startups. Since our launch in Fall 2020, PAX has funded and trained over 40 companies and increased our cash investment per company to $100K. Perhaps our most significant source of pride is that 100% of PAX founders would recommend the experience to their peers.

Entrepreneurs turn to PAX for a focused master class on the key elements for founder-led sales and building a scalable and repeatable process. We have primarily invested in firms with a product and early customer traction. Our tactical sales and marketing coaching radically boosts startups as they start to scale revenue. Through discussion with early-stage entrepreneurs, we have discovered that the program delivers a huge positive impact on pre-product companies as they fine-tune product-market fit.

The PAX experience guides entrepreneurs through a disciplined exploration of the buying journey for their best prospects. The rigorous experience truly accelerates entrepreneurs’ ability to examine and define all the elements required to bring a product to market, including the best sales model, pricing, channel strategy, the definition of a prospect, and a concise value proposition. We help founders with early revenue by providing practical solutions for selling and leading a sales team. The PAX program also offers invaluable strategic insights which illuminate the shortest path to market for pre-product startups.

Going forward, founders can count on PAX to continue to focus on the foundational pillars for promising startups:

  • $100k cash investment at terms established by other investors (no set valuations)
  • Virtual programming from 5-7 pm EST so that you don’t neglect employees and customers
  • Practical and hands-on training to maximize programming time
  • Office hours and guidance from our experienced PAX Angel network
  • In-person and virtual speed dating events with investors
  • 6 month subscription to Pitchbook and other valuable tools