Press Release

Introducing the Fall 2021 Cohort!

Elizabeth Jafek
July 27, 2022

Pax Momentum is thrilled to announce our Fall-21 cohort! Through a fiercely competitive selection process these companies evinced their readiness for intense growth. PAX focuses on a unique niche of companies that are ready to build out their go-to-market strategy.  

The Fall-21 cohort is diverse both geographically and by vertical. They hail from all around the country: companies from the west in Idaho, California, and Oregon, companies from the east in Washington DC and New York, and companies from the south in Texas and Florida. We even went across the pond for a company from London, UK!  They come from a variety of verticals including fintech, edtech, adtech, and legaltech. We are especially proud of our three climatetech companies selected as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

PAX has a different emphasis from most accelerators which means that the Fall-21 portfolio companies reflect that unique focus. These companies have already landed important customers and proven some product/market fit. Through the PAX eight-week program, they will tackle the next step: build a scalable, repeatable sales process. These founders will develop skills and engage with experts on topics like building channel partnerships; hiring a sales team; honing a razor-sharp value proposition; developing digital marketing and public relations strategies;  and implementing smart product pricing.

Each company is making exciting technological strides and causing positive disruption. Our three climatetech companies are approaching the need for a more sustainable economy through the way we grow crops, the buildings we work in, and how we source products from around the world.  The  Sensegrass soil intelligence platform delivers real-time soil health recommendations for increasing yield and decreasing chemical fertilizer use. Retrolux facilitates improved electrical efficiency for commercial buildings and drives energy savings in a smart way. Chainparency’s traceability solution will enable the world to better understand where our products are coming from and make better informed decisions about ESG concerns. Companies and retailers of all sizes can track and record the supply chain of their products to prove sustainable and ethical provenance. 

Our fintech companies are dealing with the nitty gritty of mortgage and international commerce. Steamchain simplifies global B2B payments by allowing companies to make or receive payments in the local currency of choice using patent-pending cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Paperstac is shaking up the institutional mortgage note market with automated processes that increase transparency and reduce risk.

In adtech, data continues to change the game and these two companies are driving innovation in digital advertising further than ever before. Junction AI takes the guesswork out of digital marketing to optimize marketing materials on a variety of platforms. Personify enhances online shopping experiences through individual customization. Their tool integrates with a company’s website to make sure customers see the content and products they’re most interested in while retaining anonymity.

You may have played an educational “game” before, but you certainly haven’t seen anything like the immersive scientific roleplay that Immersed Games has created. Their groundbreaking scientific video game is measurably improving kid’s learning through experiments like selective plant breeding to address a food shortage  In legaltech, JDoe is breaking down barriers for sexual assault victims by making it easy to report incidents and connect with law firms to take down repeat offenders.


Retrolux (Boise, ID):  

Retrolux has built a software platform for upgrading commercial building energy systems and has a mission to make existing buildings smart and efficient. It allows energy contractors to develop, design, sell, install, and maintain building energy system upgrades, including smart grid services. 

Sensegrass (Fremont, CA):  

Sensegrass is a soil intelligence platform for fertilizer management. They use a combination of AI-based recommendations and IOT soil sensors to deliver real-time soil health analyses and targeted nutrient management. They help farmers and companies reduce chemical fertilizer use, increase crop yields, and grow more sustainably.

Chainparency (Houston, TX)

Chainparency provides a turnkey solution for the recording, tracking, and tracing of physical items on the blockchain. This enables customers to authenticate products,  verify product claims,  and record chain of custody and more on an immutable blockchain ledger. This SaaS solution will help businesses of all sizes handle sustainability and ESG concerns.


Steamchain (Beaverton, OR)

Steamchain has created a user controlled platform that simplifies global B2B payments for international commerce using cryptocurrency and blockchain. The platform saves money on currency conversion fees, manages currency fluctuation risk, and reduces the time to complete international payments.

Paperstac (Orlando, FL)

Paperstac is changing the way mortgage notes  are bought and sold through an automated retail marketplace. Their tool enables automation, synchronized communication, integrated escrow and audit services, and more. This will revolutionize the way investors handle mortgage debt. 


Junction AI (Dallas, TX)

Junction AI has developed a product that takes unstructured data, analyzes it and then returns insights and recommendations, specifically for advertising and marketing. The product integrates into existing platforms and looks at the data surrounding advertising and marketing campaigns and then makes recommendations, such as word choice, color, and location.

Personify XP (London, UK)

Personify XP is the world’s first anonymous real-time analytics and personalization platform. They empower retailers to react in real-time to changes in an anonymous consumer’s digital journey by automating the types of content and products that consumers see to match their preferences.


Immersed Games (Buffalo, NY)

Immersed Games is using an online video game to drive a disruptive shift in learning to combat scientific illiteracy and disinterest. The platform enables teachers and parents to engage students in actively doing science by providing a video game that empowers students to directly explore science phenomena and solve authentic problems.


JDoe (Washington DC)

JDoe is an anonymous platform for victims to report misconduct, including sexual assault, police misconduct, asian hate, and more. Law firms, large organizations, and universities subscribe to the platform to identify and prosecute offenders, especially repeat offenders. With their secure platform, JDoe can link mutual survivors together, allowing for an increased chance of successful legal or other disciplinary action.

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