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Introducing the Spring 2022 Cohort!

Welcome Spring-22 Cohort!

Pax Momentum is thrilled to announce our Spring-22 Cohort! Through a fiercely competitive selection process these companies have shown their readiness for intense growth. PAX focuses on a unique niche of companies that are ready to turn their founder-driven sales success into a scalable and repeatable process.

The Spring-22 Cohort is our most diverse set of companies to date. Geographically, they hail from seven states across the country: California, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Michigan, Maryland, and New York. This is also an exciting group because the founders themselves bring diverse experience: four of our companies are led by female founders and three of our companies are led by underrepresented minorities.

PAX has a different emphasis from most accelerators because the companies we work with  have already landed important customers and developed product/market fit. Through the PAX eight-week program, they will focus on the next step: scaling their revenue growth through a repeatable process. These founders will develop skills by engaging with experts on a range of topics including developing a sales playbook, building channel partnerships, hiring a sales team, developing digital marketing and PR strategies, and implementing effective pricing strategies.

Our cohort includes companies from a variety of verticals, each of which are making exciting technological strides and positive disruptions to their respective industries. We are especially proud of our three ClimateTech companies – selected as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability – who are creating a positive impact on the buildings we live in, the food we eat, and the clothes we wear. DrizzleX's smart water system promotes water conservation within residential communities by measuring water usage to prevent leaks and reckless water usage. For cattle owners across the country, MyAniML's unique facial recognition technology detects cows who are sick early on, preventing herd infections and promoting the practice of naturally-raised cattle. In the world of fashion, Dhakai is transforming the way small-to-midsize apparel businesses think about sourcing their products by connecting them to vetted, sustainable offshore clothing manufacturers.

Dhakai is not our only B2B company with a focus on servicing the SME (small and mid-size enterprise) market. In fact, Jottful differentiates itself from others in web design by meeting the needs of small businesses with easy, beautiful websites.  For manufacturers, PPAP Manager is leading the way to “lean” manufacturing through automated quality assurance processes, starting with small firms.

Moving to EdTech, Beereaders is on a mission to improve the literacy skills of native Spanish speakers from grades K-12, with their gamified, curated library of Spanish literature from all around the world. On the HR Tech front, Holisticly is helping companies improve their employee retention during the “Great Resignation” by providing employers with a marketplace of wellness and fringe benefits for their workers. Using the power of AI, EcoMap creates curated, self-updating databases of information for its customers to understand their space and build communities.


DrizzleX (Montebello, CA):  

DrizzleX has built a pioneering smart water metering solution that provides full transparency about water usage in multifamily buildings. Their highly cost-effective technology alerts building owners of leaks and  identifies water usage patterns. This is a big step forward for meaningful water conservation in multifamily units, allowing building owners to bill individual tenants for their actual water usage.

MyAniML (Overland Park, KS):

MyAniML has created an ingenious AI-based early disease prediction solution for all cattle owners. Using facial recognition and muzzle analysis, the MyAniML algorithm can detect disease in a cow before it becomes contagious, which prevents herd infections and saves cattle owners from significant costs.

Dhakai (Des Moines, IA): is an end-to-end marketplace that enables apparel brands to move from idea to final, delivered products ethically, sustainably, and cost-effectively. Dhakai allows brands to succeed in every part of the process, from designing their product and sourcing a manufacturer, to producing goods and processing payments.


Jottful (Ann Arbor, MI):

Jottful empowers small businesses to better market themselves online. They deliver easy, affordable, and beautiful websites (via a SaaS platform) and they match businesses with digital-marketing vendors (through their 1200+ vendor marketplace).

PPAP Manager (Detroit, MI):

PPAP Manager is a collaborative cloud solution to streamline and automate quality assurance processes on parts for manufacturing companies and their supply chain. The technology enables engineers to easily monitor every quality aspect of the parts’ production, reducing time and resources by digitizing the entire system.

HR Tech:

Holisticly (New York, NY):

Holisticly is revolutionizing wellness benefits for companies. They’ve built a simplified benefits marketplace which allows employees to choose the benefits that matter to them and employers to only pay for the benefits that get used.


Beereaders (Austin, TX):

Beereaders is a digital platform that promotes literacy skills among K-12 Spanish-speaking students. The Beereaders curriculum is redefining academic possibilities for 200K+ Spanish-speaking students through thousands of texts, books, and assessments in a gamified, customized digital reading environment.


EcoMap (Baltimore, MD):

EcoMap uses automation to create data-driven platforms that enable people to navigate ecosystems, spanning entrepreneurial communities, industry groups, corporate networks, and beyond. Our software quickly aggregates information enabling our community platforms to be real-time reflections of what's going on in any given ecosystem.

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